Type: Short Film
Client: Bananaz

"Nachtwaker" is a beautiful short-film initiated by Bananaz Creative Production House. It has already won the Amterdam "Museum N8" competition and is being send to multiple film festivals. RAAK took great effort composing just the right music for this particular shot film. Apart from the composition, RAAK also created the sound design and of course the final mix. Enjoy the final result!

Huishoudbeurs 2011: Festival Fantastique

Type: Commercial
Client: Amsterdam RAI
Agency: Bananaz & Close&counter

A funky and modern disco track was needed to accompany the positive vibe and swing of the "Festival Fantasique" commercial. RAAK provided this music track.


Type: Animation / Teaser
Client: NEMO
Agency: FUBE

The Nanofestival at Science Centre NEMO was organized to familiarize a wider audience with the current nano-technologies. RAAK Provided music and sound design for the Teaser and other animations which were used in a short movie.

Dial M for Murder

Type: Film
Client: Niels Houwer

Dail M for Murder is originally an Albert Hitchcock film released in 1954. Niels Houwer made a fictive remake of the title sequence. RAAK provided the music and sound design.

Adaptive music track

Type: Game
Client: HKU

Merijn Mijnders created a multi-adaptive music-track for his graduation project. Gameplay-videocaptures of the game Flatout Ultimate Carnage were used for the implementation of the track. In the example you can hear the linear version of the music-track.

Kwart voor Heel

Type: Film / Soap
Client: NTR (formal RVU)
Directors: Tom Rijpert & Thijs Bazelmans

Kwart voor Heel is a short soap opera of 15 episodes. The soap was originally made to be watched on a mobile phone, but because of it's high quality it has also made its way to national television. The whole show is free available on youtube. RAAK provided the musical leader (intro & outro), music for the trailer and the music for the first episode.

Paper Cakes

Type: Game
Client: Wacom
Agency: Husk

"Paper Cakes" is a fun mini puzzle game which can be played with a bomboo tablet (piece of computer hardware) or by using a mouse. It is free game and can be played after installing the Bamboo Dock, click here. RAAK provided 5 short musical loops for this game which compliment the gameplay and the comical graphics. The game "Paper Cakes" has won the IGF Student Showcase at the Independent Games Festival. The game also won Best student game and Best original gameplay at the 2010 dutch game awards.

Project Deadalus

Type: Game
Client: Machiel van Hooren

Machiel van Hooren has created a space racer. Before starting the race you can create your own track. RAAK provided the looping music track "Godspeed" with rock and drum and bass influences.

Embracing the Tide

Type: General use
Client: Arcadis

"Embracing the tide" is a short composition which is being used to strengthen an idea for a sustainable lifestyle called Tidal economy. Click here for more information.

Shake ya ass

Type: Film
Client: Ruud van Eijk

"Shake ya ass" is a dance-track created by RAAK to accompany a showreel.


Type: Game
Client: Alex Kentie & Team

"Inuppia" is a prototype game which includes motion controlling. RAAK provided music for this game to deepen the atmosphere. In this example some fragments can be heard of the three different tracks.


Type: Film
Client: HKU

"Down" is the product of a collaboration between Niels Houwer and Merijn Mijnders. It is an surreal journey from the sky to the ground. RAAK created the soundtrack.

Mixed commercials

Type: Commercial

These are 3 different commercials which RAAK provided with music.